Nearly 6 BILLION people world-wide own a mobile phone. This is a one-on-one communication opportunity you cannot afford to miss. At myMOBworld we are Mobile Marketing Winner$, a group of world class marketers, software and design professionals. Here you find tips to get started, professional help and support and all the tools you'll ever need to turn the cell phones of your customers into sell phones for your products and services!


Mobile Marketing Winner$ Quick Start Products 

Mobile Marketing Winner$ Education

Download the FREE Mobile Marketing Winner$ White Paper on Mobile Marketing to get a quick overview of what mobile marketing is and what it is not. Also learn how integrating mobile marketing into your existing marketing plan can make every cent of your advertising Dollar work harder, no matter how big or small your budget.


Ideal for: Your VERY FIRST step into mobile marketing
Customer Rating: 8/10

This Mobile Marketing Winner$ Handbook, written
by internationally published authors on mobile marketing
Alexander Gregori & Lauretta Ngakane with a foreword by
SABC Mobile Manager Philip van Tonder gives you easy,
quick and cost effective tips and strategies for your
successful mobile marketing campaign.


Ideal for: If you are SERIOUS about mobile marketing
Customer Rating: 10/10 


Mobile Marketing Winner$ Starter Kits

With the Mobile Marketing Winner$ Mobisite
Starter Kit
you can have your own mobisite up and
running in no time. And you don't even have to have
any technical knowledge. Simply fill out the online order form and we do the rest.


Ideal for: Main Street businesses
Customer Rating: 9/10 

The Mobile Marketing Winner$ SMS Starter Kit launches your text campaigns at the blink of an eye. In 2007 300 million SMS were sent in the USA alone. In 2008 it was 1 TRILLION (you do the math...). Build and activate your own database today and drive foot traffic to your business.


Ideal for: Main Street businesses
Customer Rating: 10/10  

With the Mobile Marketing Winner$ Mobile Coupon Starter Kit you can offer your valued customers and clients a compelling reason to buy from you. And best of all: the coupons can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and via email for a killer viral impact. This is the mobile marketing tool that is predicted to rule by 2015 but YOU can profit from it TODAY!


Ideal for: All businesses
Customer Rating: 10/10   


Mobile Marketing Winner$ Affiliate Programs

Join the exciting Mobile Marketing Winner$
Affiliate Program
and earn $$$ for re-selling
our Mobile Quick Start Products. You can earn
up to US$ 100 commission per sale and we supply
you with all the marketing material and know-how
you need. Become a Mobile Marketing Winner$ team
affiliate and cash in on the mobile revolution today.


Ideal for: Online/Internet marketing professionals
Customer Rating: 8/10 

Mobile Marketing Winner$
LinkedIn Group

Join NOW and receive your



Listen to the Mobile Marketing Winner$ interview on SABC radio station SAfm 104 - 107 fm, featuring Alexander Gregori
& Lauretta Ngakane


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